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Coordination Action for the integration of

Solar System Infrastructures and Science

CASSIS Overview

The aim of CASSIS, the Coordination Action for the integration of Solar System Infrastructures and Science, is to create an integrated environment necessary to span the inter-disciplinary boundaries in Heliophysics.

Three FP7 projects that represent a major investment at the European level have been key in the definition of such an integrated research environment – HELIO, Europlanet RI and SOTERIA. The projects each explored different, but overlapping areas of Solar System science. Since they have a number of datasets in common, it is obvious that integrating their efforts into a single data environment is the way to increase, through the sharing of resources, the possibility of achieving new science results.

One of the first steps on the way to the goal of CASSIS was to capture the information about the services provided by the communities that are potentially interesting in sharing capabilities; this allowed us to get a comprehensive view of exactly where things stood in terms of interoperability in this domain. We also reviewed the data and metadata that are used by the projects with the objective of exploring way in which they could be made more interoperable.

In the background, while this work was going on, the project had a series of discussions with different parts of the communities that constitute Heliophysics. This was through a variety of avenues including consultation meeting and workshops.

The main achievements of CASSIS are shown in these Web pages and contained in a set of reports; these include:

  • Reports on the service, data and metadata can be found here.
  • Some areas of interoperability are described on the Interoperability pages of this site; others are discussed on our other Web site
  • The workshops and other interactions with the community are described under the Networking pages.
  • The Media Centre that is helping to build a community for the interoperability of data


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