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CASSIS - Background
Coordination Action for the integration of

Solar System Infrastructures and Science


The drive for interoperability comes from increasing desire to undertake cross-disciplinary studies. HELIO, for example, is a Virtual Observatory that is trying to facilitate this – domains involve include solar, heliospheric, planetary, geophysics.

To achieve its objectives, HELIO must address many issues – these are the things make everything possible

Must support a search across several domains

  • Search based on metadata and derived products
  • Search related to phenomena evolving in 4-Dimensions
  • Need to condition the metadata to ensure that temporal and spatial coordinates are homogeneous and interoperable

Must provide integrated access to data from many domains

  • Different file formats, ways of storing, handling and using the data
  • Variety of access techniques and protocols (http, ftp, Web-services, etc.)
  • Accessibility depends on how providers have organized things

HELIO is developing data models to describe the heterogeneous systems:

  • Single data model is not realistic option – trying to create a model that over-spans the others based on models from EGSO, SPASE, IVOA, etc.
  • Data model is important since we need to annotate the metadata to properly describe quantities
  • Unambiguously define the parameters involved and puts them in context of other information that are used

Developing recommendation for providers about how to naming and storage strategies that would make their data archives more interoperable

Developing standards for files that HELIO is producing

  • Include suggested sets of quantities, etc.that should be used
  • Annotation also an important part of this activity
  • If adopted elsewhere, ideas engender interoperability