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CASSIS - Public Deliverables
Coordination Action for the integration of

Solar System Infrastructures and Science

Public Deliverables

Some of the Deliverables produced by CASSIS are in the public domain; these contain information that can be used to enhance interoperability.

Deliv. No. Deliverable Name & Description
  Report detailing services available to the solar, heliospheric & planetary communities

  The database of the services that are available within the communities and an analysis
  of the level of interoperability of each of them can be found under the Interoperability site.

  Report on how to enhance the Metadata

  Discussion of the types of metadata that are required and recommendation on how they could
  be improved.

  Recommendations on how to improve the quality of the data

  Discussion and analysis of how the metadata describing how the data could be improved.

  Use Cases defining the Required Capabilities

  Analysis of science use cases gathered from a variety of sources with the objective of
  identifying which data sets from different domains could be combined.

Working with Standards Bodies has been important to CASSIS. The page on Standards summarizes the interactions of CASSIS with bodies such as the IVOA and IPDA and includes a link to a report summarizing changes to recommendations by the IVOA.