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CASSIS Interoperability - Metadata
Coordination Action for the integration of

Solar System Infrastructures and Science

Search Metadata

Steps in a search

Various pieces of information are used to identify a phenomenon that the researcher wishes to study. The information might include event and/or feature lists and other derived products, but could be based on some other criteria.

This gives a need for particular types of observations at specific location and times. If the phenomena evolve over time, and affects a series of locations, then some form of model is required to connect these and identify when and where effects will be observed.

Using metadata that helps match instruments to locations and times, the search is reduced to a list of time intervals for specific instruments (the location is implied).

Defines the critera and bounds of the search.

Could include specification of a region of interest and a time interval of interest; types of observations needed (with parameters narrowing choice) what looking for, where (and when)

Search metadata are derived from science use cases and describe how type system (?) needs to access the derived metadata ad observational metadata.

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