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Meeting: CESRA Workshop 2010:
Energy storage and release through the solar activity cycle
Date & Venue:    15-19 June 2010; La Roche en Ardenne, Belgium
Web Site: CESRA 2010

The list of Participants at the Workshop can be found here

The Community of European Solar Radio Astronomers (CESRA) is an informal organization of European scientists to stimulate research of the outer solar atmosphere by means of radio waves and any other suitable diagnostics. The stated aims of CESRA are to "promote studies of the radio emission of the Sun and related topics including solar-like stars, to promote new instrumental developments, to facilitate contacts between observers using different tools (remote sensing from gamma-rays to radio waves, in situ measurements), to stimulate collaboration between observers and theoreticians, solar, heliospheric and stellar physicists, to encourage young scientists in the field of solar radio physics, and to maintain contacts with all groups in the field within Europe and other parts of the world". Although most of the members of CESRA are European, their main annual meetings often include representatives from solar radio observatories from the US, Japan and other countries.

A presentation about Virtual Observatories – including HELIO, SOTERIA, Europlanet RI and CASSIS – was given at the annual meeting of CESRA that was held in June 2010 in La Roche en Ardenne, Belgium. One of the points made in the presentation was the need for improved standards in order to improve interoperability and facilitate access by virtual observatories. This point provoked discussion and the question was posed as to how HELIO could help the groups involved in CESRA improve the quality of their data. It was suggested that a User Group highlighting the needs of CESRA could be formed so that the needs of the radio astronomers could be discussed. It was also suggested that CESRA was an ideal body to start to define standards for use within the solar radio community globally and that HELIO could assist in this process. This proposal is being considered by the organization but it could be a good model on how to approach other groups relevant to HELIO and heliophysics.



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