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CASSIS - Community Coordination Meetings
Coordination Action for the integration of

Solar System Infrastructures and Science

Community Coordination Meetings

Space Weather Community

Meeting: 9th European Space Weather Week (ESWW 2012)
Date & Venue:    5-9 November 2012; Brussels, Belgium
Web Site: ESWW-9

The list of Participants in the Workshop is not available.

A splinter meeting entitled "CASSIS: integration of Solar System Infrastructures and Science" has been convened by D. Berghmans, R.D. Bentley and M. Messerotti. The high number of parallel splinter meetings did not favour the participation in the CASSIS one, that was, anyway, quite useful for an open discussion about the planning of the future work.

Solar System Science has traditionally been undertaken within a number of seperate disciplines. However, like any system its aspects are inter-related and it has been difficult to address these aspects because of the lack of the integrating technology required to span the inter-disciplinary boundaries.

While advances in technology means that the intrinsic differences between disciplines (manifest in differing data formats and dependencies) are beginning to be addressed, it is necessary to coordinate our efferts in order to help break down the barriers. Within CASSIS, we propose to take steps to move to the next level by cooperating in a number of areas. The cooperation will be in three main areas:

  • We will investigate ways to improve the interoperability between data and metadata from the domains. We will also investigate the possibility of sharing some metadata resources.
  • We will coordinate the use of standard within the projects and reflect any changes that are required to organizations like the IVOA and IPDA.
  • We will coordinate our dissemination activities in order to create a more coherent and comprehensive approach. As part of this activity, we will hold meetings of key players in order to lobby the case for solar system science with the decision makers and funding agencies.



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